Ievgen Voloshchuk | Chief Technology Officer



MOOS are on an ambitious mission to revolutionize inventory management using disruptive technology. Their goal is to make inventory management effortless on a global scale. They firmly believe that providing remote and real-time
insights into stock levels and inventory patterns can optimize logistics, reduce waste, and enhance the customer experience.



MOOS is not just any startup; they are a very ambitious one. Backed by an equally ambitious and credible investor, they are poised for significant growth.




To start the build out of their first Leadership Team, MOOS initiated the search for an experienced and entrepreneurial Chief Technology Officer to join the team full-time in Amsterdam. Working directly with the CEO, they would be at
the forefront of innovation, guiding the product roadmap, and driving strategic initiatives to realize their vision.
This role required an inspirational leader to drive the company into the next phase of technological innovation and data-driven success.



MOOS CEO Stijn Froeling had a successful history with Innovex during his tenure as CRO at Amberscript, where Innovex was instrumental in building out the board and leadership team. This continued collaboration underscored Innovex’s proven client return rate of 97.2% and a success rate of 98.8%. Based on his positive experience in the past, Stijn chose Innovex to manage the crucial search for Moos’s Chief Technology Officer. Jake Parish, CEO and founder of Innovex, personally engaged with all key stakeholders to ensure there was clear alignment on the expectations and requirements for the role.

The stakeholders at MOOS were initially uncertain about their precise needs for the Chief Technology Officer role. Recognizing this, Jake suggested creating a comparative shortlist to help clarify their decision. This list included candidates from two distinct profiles: hands-on IoT Head of Engineering specialists with strong execution skills, and more seasoned Engineering Directors with extensive leadership experience. This approach aimed to provide a clearer understanding of the potential for each type of candidate within the role, assisting MOOS in making a more informed hiring decision.

Jake identified 79 candidates, achieving a 45% engagement rate. He personally met with each engaged candidate to thoroughly assess their alignment with the job specifications. This diligent process resulted in a longlist of potential hires, which he further refined to a shortlist through comprehensive interviews, each lasting between 45 minutes to an hour. This methodical approach ensured that only the most suitable candidates were considered for the next stages of the selection process.

Within four weeks, Jake managed to present a well-balanced shortlist consisting of 4 “step up candidates” who were ready to take on more responsibility, and 4 “lateral movers” who had significant experience at similar levels. After careful consideration, one of the candidates, Ievgen Voloshchuk, was selected and successfully hired. The shareholders, the new CEO, and the founders of MOOS were all very pleased with the outcome, appreciating the quality and fit of the selected candidate for the Chief Technology Officer position.

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