How can culture improve your motivation

A culture that is overall positive and inclusive to employees has shown its importance more and more over the years.

A positive culture increases happiness and motivation in the workplace, increasing your organisation’s productivity, output and overall revenue.

So, why not make a positive and inclusive culture as a leader? It’s a win, win.

Many of those in leadership positions have different approaches to building and improving a culture. Furthermore, there is a lot of pressure to get it right.

Building a culture isn’t all about meeting up outside of the office. It’s about your team understanding where the business is, where it aims to go, and being able to agree on and be confident regarding how they will get there.

As a leader, you can achieve this through the following: 


Increase motivation through culture


Regular Meetings


Having a weekly, fortnightly or monthly meetings with your team is an easy, affordable and quick way to build a more robust culture.

Use these meetings to establish where the organisation is at regarding targets, revenue or operational activities—giving employees clarity on the focus of the business direction. As a result, understand their focus for the next week.

Take these meetings a step further by reflecting on previous short-term performance, asking yourself and your team what they did throughout the week, what they have learned, and any impact they believed they gave. This approach encourages employees to leave the meeting feeling proud of their accomplishments and motivated to make the same impact the following week.


Provide Your Team With Diverse Projects and Challenges


Creating a culture where the leadership team consciously gives projects that are new or challenging can maintain a higher level of focus in your team.

Whilst an employee is employed to work towards a candidate-brief spec, giving out new tasks every day is not productive. Handing out new activities every month will increase their skill capability and move their process forward; as a result, they will feel more motivated.

Our advice: maximise this by collaborating one on one with your team members to understand what skills or projects they would like to build upon.


As a Leader, Show Transparency


Transparency is the key to a healthy culture. As a leader, there will always be confidential information you cannot share.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t show transparency to your team members.

You can show transparency by trusting them to do their job and being honest about how they can improve, paving the way for them. Be open about any challenges you are facing as a leader, even if that is not company related.

By offering transparency, you encourage an inclusive culture through your vulnerability and loyalty to your team.

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