How to add Value During an Executive Search.  

Are you looking for your next Executive? 

Partnering with an Executive Search Firm is the right approach to making this journey successful. 

After all, they have the talent pool and a Research team that will allow you to access the leading industry talent. 

However, if you want to guarantee that your Executive Search is the most time-efficient and cost-saving process possible, providing feedback is a small task you can undertake to support your Executive Search Firm.  


Why Provide Well Balanced Feedback?

Before your Search Firm begins identifying Candidates, spend time with them to design a feedback structure. This will provide a solid communication system between key stakeholders of your search so that it can evolve efficiently. 

Who Should you Provide Feedback to?


At Innovex, we recommend making sure you have provided feedback to the following stakeholders: 

Your Executive Search Firm:

During the briefing process of your search, your Search Firm will understand fundamental capabilities and experiences that you require from Candidates to progress them to the following stages of your search. 

By narrowing these Candidates down, a shortlist will be presented for you to meet. By meeting these Candidates, you’ll understand whether they are the right fit for the role. 

Feedback on why these Candidates are not a good fit for the role is critical at this point of the search. It allows the Executive Search Firm to provide a further shortlist where the reasons for the improper fit aren’t repeated. Instead, you have a new shortlist that’s tailored to counteract this—removing any delays in that search.  

Board Members:


Be transparent about your search’s progress to those on your organisation’s board. Include the information of the Candidates you have met, who is and isn’t a good fit, changes that have been made to search, and the reasons behind any delays your search has provided. 

This gives Board-Members piece of mind about spending resources effectively to drive your organisation forward. 


Providing Candidate feedback will not directly influence a faster search, but there are other positive ripple effects. 

Other Candidates that you plan to progress into the following round areas to focus upon and examples to produce in response to any minor concerns regarding your skills and capabilities. This will allow you to be reassured if they can break through those barriers. 

 Offering Candidates that don’t progress to the following round constructive feedback can help them improve for future interviews. This may not directly impact your search but can create a positive brand image; this also encourages positive reviews regarding interviewing at your company, on company research software like Glassdoor.

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