INNOVEX NEWS: August 2022

August has been INTENSE. But what a month it’s been.

Organisations spend their summers focusing on their budgeting and planning for next year. Noticing this trend meant the Innovex team were ready to support Organisations with their planning for the following year. Helping them review their compensation packages and building leadership teams to take on 2023.

Here’s what team Innovex has been up to.


August monthly round up




We proudly welcomed our new Delivery Lead, Jan, to the team. Jan is an experienced Consultant with over a decade  of experience of working within the Executive Search and the Recruitment industry.

Jan will be running front-to-back searches for Innovex’s key accounts, along with being part of the Innovex leadership team assisting Jake, Rhianna and Cari to drive Innovex’s growth plans.

After his experience in Executive Search, Jan is excited to start challenging the norm of this traditional industry and do things the Innovex way.




The primary way Innovex supports organisations planning growth this August is via Salary Benchmarking.

Innovex Salary Benchmarking resource allows organisations to receive real-time data on the compensation packages offered for a specific role in the operational and geographical market of the Organisation.

This resource will allow them to identify whether their packages retain and attract the right talent. An activity that’s crucial right now with the current market trends.

We are excited to continue our Salary Benchmarking projects for the rest of 2022. So, keep your eyes peeled for further updates soon.




This August, Innovex has been running 12 searches. Helping our Tech and SaaS industry Clients identify leading C-Suite talent.

We are proud to be leaving August with a successful Head of Brand and Head of Product hire and are excited to complete the rest as we enter the last month of Q3.

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