Innovex News: January 2021

We’re on a mission to grow organically, in order to keep up with customer demand. We want to learn from our experiences in our careers so far – especially when it comes to what not to do. We want Innovex to be a true disrupter in the executive search sector. We want to offer the most dynamic delivery in the industry, while upholding the most ethical principles. And we aim to achieve this primarily by being transparent, honest, and rigorous.

In order to do all this, we’re making some changes.

New hire

In December 2020, we did what we do best: we recruited incredible talent. But this time, we didn’t do it for a client. We did it for Innovex. We’re proud to welcome Rhianna Maxwell-Lewis as Research Lead. Rhianna is an International Relations & Politics graduate who will be assisting in search delivery and business development. She’s excited to start challenging the talent acquisition norm, while making positive changes to the wider industry. Rhianna, who speaks four languages, wants to get involved on a global scale.

New office

The move to our new 4-person office was originally planned for March 2021. However, we’ve been able to occupy it three months earlier than anticipated, thanks to some amazing support from our clients. The new digs will see us surrounded by creative, like-minded people. The move will ensure we’re able to continue offering the same level of excellence, even during the most challenging times. Rhianna will be instrumental in this change, playing an important role in growing the workplace culture and building on the Innovex aesthetic.

New software

We’ve invested in LOXO AI; a cloud-based SaaS talent intelligence platform, and a leader in recruitment automation. We were attracted to the solution because of its claim to reduce time-to-hire by up to 80%. Naturally, we had to see if it could deliver on that promise. In a recent Chief Human Resources Officer search we conducted, we were able to deliver a shortlist in just three weeks using LOXO AI. That’s one week faster than usual. This dedicated tool will leave us with more time to focus on the human side of hiring.

New partnerships

We’re incredibly pleased to be able to announce three new Innovex partnerships for 2021. We’ve secured long-term partnerships with:

  • A hyper-growth global technology business
  • A globally-listed SaaS organisation; we’ll be supporting commercial functions in both Europe and the United States
  • A growing fintech business looking to develop markets across Europe and the UK, with the potential to expand into the US and APAC regions

We look forward to taking on new challenges across the world.

New mission

At Innovex, we know just how important it is for us to do our part to protect the environment. That’s why we’ve launched a new mission to minimise our impact on the planet and introduce greener processes. As part of the changes we’re making to achieve this goal, we’ve invested in becoming a paperless organisation. We’ll be using touchscreen hybrid laptops and Docusign to cut out paper usage. We’ve also implemented a no-car policy to make our daily commute green.

That’s everything we’re able to share with you right now, but it’s definitely not the end of our commitment to growth. Keep an eye out for more exciting news from Innovex, coming this summer.

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