INNOVEX NEWS: January 2023

The first month of 2023 has come to a close. It’s been a big month for the team and our growth, so we are taking some time to celebrate by looking back on some of our key January moments.  

Our Executive Search Success. 


This January, Innovex has gained new searches from new and returning clients. We also ran the following searches:  

  • CEO – DACH  
  • CFO – DACH  
  • Global Head of Professional Services Operations 
  • Country Manager – UK 
  • Vice President of IT services 
  • CFO

Helping our Tech, Fintech, and SaaS clients identify leading leadership talent.   


We Moved to a New London Office. 


In September 2022, we opened a new office in Europe’s biggest tech hub, London, to increase the opportunity to support more Technology, Fintech, Cybersecurity and SaaS businesses with their leadership hiring. After quickly scaling the team and exceeding our growth plans, our CE0 and Founder, Jake Parish, upgraded our space into a larger office, allowing us to continue to grow our London team with more Delivery Leads and Research hires.  


We Welcomed James Hutton to the Team.   

At the start of January, we proudly welcomed our new Researcher, James, to the Cheltenham office. James has experience in Recruitment and will support Collette, our Delivery Lead, in identifying and approaching candidates.  

After working for a traditional recruitment firm, James is excited to be doing things the Innovex way.  

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