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Top tips for strategic recruitment

The Big Reset – Top Tips for Strategic Recruitment

Despite the challenges that Covid-19 created, many organisations, including our clients in the cyber, SaaS and fintech sectors, had to rapidly scale up their digitisation to satisfy the demand for their products and services. During this period, Innovex Global has been quickly and efficiently placing C-suite talent into these...

New recruitment strategies in a post-pandemic world

New Recruitment Strategies in a Post Pandemic World

Executive search challenges for C-suite in the new normal What's keeping the C-suite awake at night? When the COVID -19 (C-19) pandemic hit, we saw businesses scramble to move online overnight. As the demand for SaaS, Cyber and FinTech skyrocketed, these industries had no choice but to scale rapidly. As many...

Black and white graphic of a team of people with a network map overlaying their figures representing our services

A Closer Look at Our Services

I recently enjoyed a phone conversation with a potential new client. We spent a while discussing the needs of her business, and I started to talk about the different options available to build her team with top talent. She went silent. She was surprised to learn that there isn’t...

Scaling in a Pandemic

Scaling in a Pandemic

When the pandemic hit, businesses had two choices. They could sit still and wait for the storm to pass, or they could adapt and keep moving forward towards their growth ambitions. And this is something we’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Should you be considering scaling in a...

What is Cultural Fit?

What is Cultural Fit?

‘Cultural fit’ is one of the most commonly heard phrases in the recruitment world today. It’s also a phrase I hate. Don’t get me wrong, hiring the right person is the smartest thing you could ever do for the future of your business. The problem I have with it is that...

Innovex News: January 2021

Innovex News: January 2021

We’re on a mission to grow organically, in order to keep up with customer demand. We want to learn from our experiences in our careers so far – especially when it comes to what not to do. We want Innovex to be a true disrupter in the executive search...

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Talent Acquisition Team?

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Talent Acquisition Team?

All your competitors are upgrading their internal talent acquisition teams. Should you do it, too? It depends. Do you really want to? Outsourcing talent acquisition is easy. Let’s be honest, sometimes, we all want the easiest option. And do you know what? That’s OK. If getting the experts to handle executive...

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