Introducing Archie – Innovex Newest Researcher

Archie has joined Innovex as a Researcher. Let’s get to know Archie.  

To start the interview, we asked Archie: what would be one piece of advice that you would give to candidates going through an Executive Search process? 

His response:  

“Make sure you do your research on the organisation, no matter the role level you are interviewing for, and show your passion and excitement for the company. Remember to be candid about your expectations towards the role and, most importantly, embrace and speak openly about the challenges you have faced in your career; it makes you who you are.” 



We then went on to learn more about Archie and his previous experiences. 


Archie, originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, began his career in sales. Straight away, Archie realised his passion for working with people. Therefore, it was time to take the next step in his career and begin working within the Executive Search industry. 


When talking about his passion for Executive Search, Archie established it was the collaboration and thoroughness of all stakeholders involved in the process is what he most enjoys. He states, “I am someone who loves and is motivated by process, systems and integrated ways of working, working within Executive Search industry means all process has to be planned and executed the right way in order to succeed and it’s great to be a part of an organisation that thrives on this. 


Archie then went on to discussing why he was inspired to work for Innovex, it was clear he was influenced by the mindset, vision and collaborative culture of everyone in organisation.

Lets work together