Introducing Collette – Innovex Newest Delivery Lead

September was filled with many moments to remember for the Innovex team.

A key highlight was the welcoming of Collette Griffin, who has joined the team as an additional Delivery Lead alongside Jan Jones.

Collette will be running front-to-back searches for our Executive Search Clients. She will also be networking throughout the Tech, Fintech, SaaS and Cybersecurity London hubs, to spread the word on the Innovex way to Executive Search.

Collette instantly became a core team member. So, our Content team sat down with her to break the ice to help everyone learn more about her and how she adds value to the team.

Let’s get to know Collette…



Collette has over ten years of experience within Executive Search, Recruitment and Talent Acquisition industries.

Collette’s background is anything but ordinary. Originally from Durban, SA, Collette moved to Cape Town to begin a career working in talent and never looked back.

Quickly working her way up the ranks, she became a National Account Manager for one of the world’s biggest companies.

Working with global Clients was such a strong motivator for Collette. It made her want to have more opportunities to develop her network. So, she decided to take the leap, move to London and begin new ventures that extended her global opportunities.

When speaking about her love for Executive Search, Collette’s passion was reflected in how she can impact company growth by building their leadership teams.

Along with the joy she finds in helping her Candidates create new journeys and opportunities.

When reflecting on her expertise in the industry, Collette spoke about how her previous experience geared her ability to implement processes, understand and communicate with Clients and the value of networking.

She shared with us her strive for continuous improvement, and to her, there is no better feeling than building something from the ground up and making it a success.

When Collette met Jake and the rest of the team, she was sure Innovex was the right fit.

She instantly saw how the company culture and mission reflected the want and need for change in the Executive Search industry, which aligned with her values.

Finally, when asked, “what is the biggest piece of advice, you would give to a Founder making their first Executive Hire” She answered.

“Firstly, make sure you have a hiring process that is spot on.

Be clear before beginning the search on the critical requirements for that Candidate. Then, partner with an Executive Search Firm who understands your business, its growth vision and your leadership team’s needs to run this process front to back in its most streamlined form.

Remember, there is nothing worse for a Candidate than an inefficient hiring process. So, ensure you work with your Firm to have an interview framework in place along with a feedback structure to help you get the best result from your search.

What’s more, utilise the real-time data resources within the market available to increase the accuracy of your search, like Salary Benchmarking and Psychometric testing, to help you achieve the results you are striving for.”

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