Introducing James – Innovex Newest Researcher

This January, we welcomed James Hutton, who has joined the Innovex team as a Researcher.

James will work alongside Delivery Lead Collette Griffin and our CEO and Founder Jake Parish to deliver C-Suite, VP and Board Level searches for our Technology, Cyber Security, SaaS and Fintech clients. 

We sat down and interviewed James so our Clients and Candidates could learn more about him.



Let’s get to know James. 

To start the interview, we asked James: what would be one piece of advice that you would give to candidates going through an Executive Search hiring process?

His response: 

“When going through the interview process, remember that as much as you are being interviewed, you are also interviewing the company. Make sure it is ticking your boxes and be transparent with your Search Firm throughout the process, so they can help you find the right company.”

We then went on to learn more about James and his previous experiences.

James, originally from Loch Lomond in Scotland, was always eager to travel and see the world. Therefore, in his twenties, James moved to North America to work at Disney World, Orlando, beginning his career in the hospitality industry. 

It was then he realised his love for interacting with customers and people management, so when he returned to the UK and began thinking about his next steps, working within the recruitment industry became a precise fit. 

James began his recruiting career focusing on the Social Care industry, specifically, filling upper management positions. James’s personality and approachable demeanour instantly made him successful in the recruitment industry. Therefore, he decided to take the next step in his career and work within an Executive Search Firm.

The main thing James loves about the industry is the real opportunity to change someone’s life. When discussing his passion for Executive Search, he states: “Each day can bring a brand-new set of challenges or successes. You meet fascinating people, learn about new industry trends and how someone has built their success from the ground up. I am excited to start this challenge of developing my network within the tech industry and growing knowledge of Innovex’s four sectors.”

When talking about why he wanted to work at Innovex, James shared that he could sense the company had great pride in what they do.

He went on to say, “Innovex practices what they preach. You don’t feel like another number in an endless row of recruiters’ desks. Who you are and what you give is valued and rewarded.”

Lets work together