The Innovex leadership team has grown once again.

This time, we welcome Jon Evans, who has joined us as Head of Sales.  Jon will be working alongside Jake and Cari to grow the London office and increase Innovex awareness in the Technology, SaaS, Cybersecurity and Fintech industries of the Innovex way to Global Executive Search.

Jon has made an instant positive impression on the team. After spending his time both in the Cheltenham and London offices, he is already helping our Founder, Jake, deliver growth plans to set a record-breaking Q4.

That’s why we wanted to sit down and learn more about Jon, so our Clients and Candidates can learn more about him and his quest to grow Innovex.


Innovex Executive Search Head of Sales


Let’s get to know Jon.

Jon, initially from the New Forest, moved to London to pursue Musical Theatre. After a successful career, he was asked to consult for a SaaS company to assist them in developing a theatre app.

It was then, this company realised his potential for sales, which Jon believes came from his theatre training background that allowed him to be a great communicator.  When Jon began his first day in Sales, he never looked back.

Working his way up the ranks, Jon soon became a Business Consultant for their UK and Ireland accounts. Leading him and his team from strength to strength.

Jon grew his experience in SaaS sales by travelling worldwide, even moving to Australia to expand his network and increase his clientele. Along with increasing his sales capabilities along the way.

Once becoming a true SaaS industry expert, it was time for a change.

When talking about his decision to begin working for Innovex, Jon recalled being fascinated by the idea of Executive Search.

He believed that his leadership background combined with being very people-oriented led him to understand what Founders and CEO’s truly require when building out their C-Suite team. Therefore, he wanted to further develop his knowledge and be trusted by those needing expert advice.

Moreover, he noticed the culture at Innovex was different than any other Search Firm he had encountered. He shared, “When I met Jake, it was difficult not to be inspired. Then meeting the rest of the team, the inspiration grows. You can see everyone is working towards the same vision and has the same values. You then want to be a part of it.”

As a true expert in the industry and someone with experience building himself from the ground up in the sales world, it was fitting to finish the interview, allowing Jon to advise those in his network. We asked:

What would be one piece of advice you would give to a Head of Sales in SaaS on their first day of work?

His response:

“Take the time to understand every member of your teams personalities, strengths and weaknesses. Create a clear process but don’t be afraid to pivot if need be. Communicate your strategy clearly and make sure everybody is aligned and share your vision for the future.”

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