Introducing Jan – Innovex’s Newest Delivery Lead

This August, Jan Jones joined the Innovex team as a Delivery Lead and will run front-to-back Executive Searches for our Clients. 

Therefore, we wanted to ensure everyone could learn more about Jan and what led him to Innovex. So, we sat down to break the ice to learn more about him, his goals for Innovex and his Executive Search expertise. 




Let’s get to know Jan…

Jan has over a decade of experience in Recruitment and Executive Search, through working for top Executive Search Firms and also running his own Search business. 

How Jan began working in this field was nothing but a happy accident. Initially, he planned to follow in his family’s footsteps to become a teacher and chose to study Sociology at the University of Leeds; however, student life led him to quietly pursue the idea of becoming a DJ instead.   

Whilst living in Leeds after University, Jan began his first sales role, which threw these career objectives out the window. He found he couldn’t get enough of the sales floor environment, which inspired him to find a job in the Search industry, from there, he never looked back.    

Since being in the industry, it’s not just the sales floor environment Jan has grown to love. Executive Search has offered him the opportunity to build relationships, develop a global network and interact with some of the industry’s most influential and successful C-Suite Leaders.  

When speaking about his love for communication Jan has so much respect for his Clients…  

“Everyone has a story to tell, and I’m lucky to be in an industry where I can hear so many fascinating career and life stories from those in leadership positions. Having the opportunity to learn from CEO’s and C-Suite Executives has been an invaluable experience.”  

When reflecting on his extensive experience in the industry, what seemed most valuable to Jan was the community aspect of the Executive Search world—working with other Researchers, Clients and Candidates with the vision of building a leadership team that will drive an organisation’s vision.   

His experience has afforded him invaluable training and development opportunities, which he is now excited to share with his new team.    

When Jan met Jake and heard the Innovex vision, he was convinced that Innovex should be his next home. Jan shared that he is inspired by having a sense of belonging in the workplace and a work-based collaborative culture based on authenticity and compassion towards one another. On this basis, working for Innovex became a clear cultural fit.  

Jan’s goal for Innovex is to drive a new wave of success for the organisation by increasing delivery and placement activities for existing Clients and bringing awareness to Organisations Leaders about Innovex.

Finally, when asked what his biggest piece of advice was to organisations making their first Executive hire, Jans’s response was:   

Relying on an existing network of contacts can be tempting when making an Executive hire; however, this will exclude many qualified professionals from the search and could constitute a false economy. Making the wrong hire is costly to reverse, and a great leadership Candidate should elevate your organisation. Not all Executive Search Firms are created equal; speaking with multiple search providers will be essential to ensure confidence that the chosen partner will effectively communicate and be an ambassador for the brand. A great search provider will not only provide a shortlist of qualified Candidates but will also equip the client with the necessary data to ensure the decision to hire is made in the broader context of the market, ultimately de-risking the recruitment process.

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