The Innovex Case Study: CTO Search for Ohpen – World Class Cloud-native Core Banking Platform

Innovex Global is a Technology Executive Search Firm specialising in CTO Executive Search for Organisations within the Technology, Fintech, SaaS and Cybersecurity industries.

As a top Technology Executive Search Firm, Innovex has successfully undertaken CIO, CISO, CTO, and other C-Suite hires for Start-ups, Scale-ups and PE & VC backed Technology and Fintech Organisations worldwide.

Therefore, when the leading Fintech Organisation, Ohpen, needed a CTO Headhunter, Innovex was the only Technology Search Firm for the job.

Ohpen is a Dutch-based Company that is the definition of innovation. Their Organisation was the first to bring banking fully to the cloud.

After making a significant impact in the Fintech market, it was time for Ohpen to drive growth again. To do this, they needed a CTO.

The success achieved previously by Innovex for their CHRO and CMO leadership search showed Matthijis Aler, CEO of Ohpen, Innovex had a unique level of innovation and expertise within the Executive Search market that other Technology Executive Recruiters couldn’t match.

Our CEO and Founder, Jake Parish, proved Innovex were the CTO Search Firm for the job by presenting a data-backed strategy, promising a shortlist within four weeks of beginning the venture. A promise that was successfully delivered.



How did Innovex Complete the Ohpen CTO Executive Search?  


Below is the front-to-back process led by Jake Parish, which led to Ohpen’s new CTO, Marcin.


1.) Executed a Detailed Brief With all Stakeholders Involved


After working with Ohpen on previous Executive hires, Jake clearly understood their business model, objective and vision. So, they were ready to start and begin working on a search brief.

To do this, Ohpen established to Innovex what they envisioned of their next CTO, comparing notes with Jake’s unmatchable knowledge of the CTO hiring market.

They worked together to create a candidate brief that outlined an example profile of the candidate; this included critical experience requirements, compensation package, reporting line and characteristics of the CTO.


2.) Designed a Research map of Geographical Areas.


Jake and his Delivery team mapped out the geographical and industrial markets that contain a talent pool of Candidates exceeding the candidate brief created above. This market map would be the source for where they researched potential CTO Candidates.


3.) Created a CTO Executive Search Interview Framework.


To ensure the interview process was time efficient with maximised engagements, Innovex created an interview framework.

The framework included:

  • Number of interview stages.
  • The goal of each interview.
  • Questions to ask Candidates.
  • Parties that should undertake the interview.

Learn more about creating an interview framework, and see the Ohpen interview framework example HERE >


4.) Innovex Researched and Approached 150 CTO Candidates.


After only one week of searching, our research team identified 150 Candidates from the designated talent pools that met the Candidate brief— achieving a response rate of over 50%.

The team uploaded this information to our Executive Search Technology system, so Ohpen’s Hiring team could have 24/7 access to the Candidate information. Our team also provide weekly updates on this search process.


5.) Interviewed the Relevant Candidates.


Our Tech Executive Search team interviewed those that met at least 70% of the candidate brief to begin the shortlisting process.

They reported to our Clients through a Candidate report to show their experience, interview notes and our expert recommendations.


6.) Both Parties Agreed on a Shortlist.


After many approach calls, Innovex had a shortlist. Innovex smashed their initial four-week target. Matthijis interviewed the Candidates on this list, and each candidate presented a case study.


7.) Provided Feedback to all CTO Candidates on the Shortlist.


After the final interview round, Jake worked closely with Matthijis to receive feedback on the Candidates who would not progress in the process; he then spent time with each candidate to discuss this feedback so they could use it for future opportunities.


8.) Secured Chosen Candidates.


Matthijis and Jake offered Marcin Klecha, from TomTom Automotive the role of Chief Technology Officer at Ohpen. Since beginning the position, Marcin has gone from strength to strength, pushing the business in a new direction through his unique way of thinking, using his very Tech forward background.

Thanks to the team, Ohpen’s CTO Executive Search delivered above and beyond; since this search, Jake and the team have placed the CCO and Managing Director UK, further solidifying their long-term relationship.

Matthijs gave Jake and the rest of the team some great feedback:

“From the outset, Innovex has demonstrated to be fully committed to the success of the relationship each and every time. Jake goes to great lengths to find diverse Candidates that meet all the criteria. When he disagrees, it’s always in the best interest of the process. I would certainly recommend scale-ups that are looking for exceptional and hard to find talent, to work with Innovex.”

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