Prevent burn out through a strong hiring strategy.

Burnout occurs in the workplace when stress hasn’t been correctly managed.

Burnout can lead to the following consequences for employees:

  • Exhaustion and a lack of energy in and out of the workplace.
  • Reduction of motivation and productivity towards output.
  • Detachment towards their role and the organisation – is commonly known as quiet quitting.


Our Innovex Switch Off Series contains expert advice for individuals on how to handle burnout in the office.

However, it isn’t always up to your employees to handle burnout. It’s for the organisation to prevent burnout.

That is where Innovex Search Consultants comes in.

We work with our clients to understand their role and responsibilities as well as their current hiring lifecycle. So, we can understand what leadership hiring will allow Founders to delate the tasks causing them to  burn out, so you can focus on steering your organisation forward.

To do this, our Executive Search Consultants and Talent Acquisition Advisors create a candidate brief that will identify candidates with the ability to drive growth and let an Founders steer that growth.

We work with our Candidates to understand:

✔️  Hire the candidates that have the right level of experience and expertise to drive your business forward

✔️ Concerns either party may have for the role – allowing clear transparency towards the client on the training they may require, before beginning the position.

Along with the above, Innovex has a close relationship with all our Clients and Candidates.

We undertake regular check-ins within the first 12 months of a Candidate placement, encouraging both parties to keep an honest reflection of performance and progress to an external party.

This approach has helped Candidates address their concerns about their workload, stress and pressure to help our clients understand what further support they need—removing the risk of the Candidate facing burnout.

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Innovex exist to support you in finding exceptional Executive talent to accelerate your growth and transformation. Innovex saves you time, money, and stress by providing services to secure and retain effective and sustainable leadership talent.

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