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Salary Benchmarking Survey

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Salary Benchmarking

Salaries are under more scrutiny than they have ever been, in part sparked by the pandemic. But how do you know how to judge remuneration against the talent required? By taking part in the Innovex 2021 Salary Benchmarking Survey, you can give us your valued insights, and contribute to the ‘Innovex 2021 Salary Benchmarking Report’.

What is salary benchmarking?

Salary benchmarking offers a detailed breakdown of the compensation package for HR leaders in companies to compare salary and benefits available within specific sectors and named companies.

1. Retention and enticing the best talent

Companies across technology, fintech and cyber are all looking for the same senior functional talent, therefore salaries and compensation packages have changed significantly, due to the pandemic, therefore it is vital to understand what competitors are paying to secure the best talent.

All companies are at risk from losing their top executives to offers with better pay packages from competitors.

2. Shareholder value and reporting

Benchmarking provides proof to their shareholders that senior staff are value for money and that you have a strategic approach to talent acquisition and retention.

3. Saves time

Finding this information for C-suite executives is arduous and time consuming.

It provides an impartial external view with consistent detail across sectors allowing you to make your decision quickly.

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Innovex 2021
Salary Benchmarking Survey


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