Financial Services

The Financial Services industry incorporates a wide variety of businesses, from the banks on the high street, to credit card providers and challenger banks. These financial services can be provided to individuals, businesses of all sizes, and a wide variety of other organisations.

Other businesses in the financial services sector include investment firms, lenders, and insurance companies, so it’s among the largest industries in the UK. Financial services firms serve many different purposes, from lending to investing, trading, insuring, managing assets, and more, which means executive roles are often highly specialised.

Financial organisations are also increasingly relying on new technology, so there’s a lot of crossover with the Fintech industry. Here, you’ll find many startups and disruptors who are changing the financial services landscape.

What Are Financial Services To Innovex?

To us, financial services are more than just retail banks, credit cards, and lenders. At Innovex, we view financial services as opportunities for innovation, particularly with support from Fintech. And we believe that innovation is driven by forward-thinking, niche financial skillsets. That’s exactly what we specialise in. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re creating a new C-Suite role, we work with startups, scale-ups, public companies, and PE and VC-backed firms to help them transform the sector.

Why Choose Innovex?

Financial services startups and scale-ups are disruptors. So is Innovex. We’re proud to be challenging the Financial Services Executive Search industry, introducing new levels of transparency, flexibility, and cross-industry lateral search techniques to generate diverse shortlists of qualified candidates. We understand that expansions and diversifications in this sector need to happen quicker than ever, and what makes us different also makes us efficient. We’re confident that, using the Innovex approach, we can proactively seek out numerous well-suited candidates, providing clients with unrivalled shortlists of individuals who will fit seamlessly into the business. What's more, since these candidates are at the forefront of disruption, Innovex ensure there is an aftercare programme in place that allows the chosen candidates to embed properly and perform their change management effectively.

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