Fintech is simply short for financial technology, and refers to businesses that create technological solutions for the financial sector.

The Fintech industry is growing rapidly, both on the consumer and business side, with many new advances that are set to enhance and automate the way that financial services are offered. However, the businesses that use Fintech can vary from traditional banks that have been established hundreds of years, to startups and disruptors, so it’s a varied landscape.

Mobile banking and investment applications, cryptocurrency, and insurance all fall under the Fintech umbrella, so it’s a hugely important part of our lives that is bound to expand as brick-and-mortar banks close.

What Is Fintech To Innovex?

Innovex specialise in Fintech Executive Search for businesses providing software as a service to the financial services industry, digital banking and paytech. We work with clients on the tech edge of consumer finance to source high-quality Board of Directors, CEO and Leadership team candidates, both through Retained Search and training for your existing talent team.

Find out more about what we do for Fintech companies, and some of the other specialist areas where Innovex works.

Why Choose Innovex?


Fintech is still a relatively new industry, and when you’re looking for Fintech Recruitment services, you need an agency that understands this highly specialised area. Innovex have experience recruiting at an Executive level for a range of Fintech organisations.


The Fintech industry is ever-changing, and Innovex offer a flexible, responsive service to meet its needs. As the industry changes, we do too, so we’re always on the cutting edge.


When we carry out your Fintech Executive Search, we have your organisation in mind at every step of the way, so we can find the best fit. While we aim for a fast turnaround, we are careful to pay attention to the smallest of details. This makes our service highly personal.

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