High Tech

High Tech encompasses a range of cutting-edge businesses that create the most sophisticated apps, technology, and products on the market.

A wide range of companies come under the High Tech umbrella. Some of the major things they have in common are that they tend to invest heavily in R&D, and have a high proportion of employees who specialise in STEM: science, technology, engineering and maths.

High Tech Executive Search can pose a number of interesting challenges, as roles often need people with a technical mind as well as executive skills.

What Is The High Tech Industry To Innovex?

The High Tech industry includes a wide range of businesses that create the highest-level, cutting-edge technology across any industry. These organisations can work in multiple fields – for example, consumer apps, and AI, ML and Blockchain for financial services. Because a lot of High-Tech searches can be conducted across-sector, it can mean that candidates can be in high demand. This is why it is essential for you to partner with a firm that has a network in this area and up to date data to mobilise quickly and efficiently, providing dynamic and diverse shortlists ahead of schedule.

On our insights page, you can find out about some of the High Tech companies we’ve previously worked with, and how we’ve found specialists who fit their teams.

Why Choose Innovex?

Cutting Edge

Innovex are at the cutting edge of High Tech Candidate Search, and we specialise in finding people with the latest, in-demand skills. We invest in technology, automating many processes with AI, leaving us more time to use our skills in the human side of retained search.


When we carry out a High Tech Executive Search on your behalf, we have the experience needed to adapt, offering flexibility within a fast-moving industry. When challenges crop up during the search process, we react and work hard to find the best solutions and offer a seamless experience to our clients.


As you can see from our case studies and testimonials, the team at Innovex are extremely effective at what we do. Our process is transparent, and we go above and beyond when recruiting for High Tech roles. This is evident in the results that we deliver, with a shortlist compiled for you up to 40% faster than our competitors.

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