The importance of an Employee Onboarding Process.

Did you know that a strong  employee onboarding experience ensures that 69% of team members remain with a Firm for three years?

Onboarding is essential to get right.

These days, the onboarding process isn’t just about meeting a department rep and doing online safety training (although, yes, still very much important). It’s about ensuring that your employee feels motivated and secure in their role within your organisation.



  • Understanding of the operations, vital organisational processes, and systems.
  • Clarity on business objectives, their objectives and understanding of how to achieve these.
  • Knowledge on how they can add value to the organisation and the support and resources available to accomplish this.

The Employee Onboarding Process




Before an employee’s start date is when the onboarding process should begin.

Give the employee some light reading on information about the company, the process and some examples of work-based practices the employee will need to undertake when they start.

Together with your employee, set out a 30:60:90-day plan to allow them to learn all the skills, processes, and operational systems needed. Let them outline what they want to achieve within their first three months. Have regular catchups to review this progress.

Create a feedback structure that works for both you and your employees.


What can an Effective Employee Onboarding Process Lead to?


We have established that a strong employee onboarding process leads to an increase in employee retention. However, onboarding processes add so much value to your hiring strategy.

Employees with a robust onboarding process will have higher levels of role understanding and job satisfaction, increasing their motivation and productivity.

A strong onboarding process also increases the attraction of talent before the onboarding process has even begun.

Therefore, breaking down your onboarding process and what the candidate can expect within the first three months increases the chances that the candidate will want to work for your company.


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