THE INNOVEX CASE STUDY: Chief Financial Officer Search For Blanco – An Wealth Management Asset Company 


Blanco is a worldwide Fintech company aiming to make wealth management services more accessible through its asset management software.

This easy-to-use software is designed to increase asset management companies’ productivity, so that they have more of an opportunity to focus on building and growing client relationships.


In 2020, Blanco became the number one IT provider for independent wealth managers in the Netherlands. In addition, the team expanded their operations into Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg.


To drive this growth and to continue entering new markets, Blanco required a CFO.

More specifically, the CFO would be responsible for Blanco’s financial scenario planning, building business cases, optimising cash flow and driving fundraising and price setting.

Blanco’s Founder and Co–CEO, Bernadette Wijnings, met with Innovex’s Founder and CEO, Jake Parish, to explain Blanco’s vision, values, and expectations for the CFO role.

Jake then presented a detailed twelve-step strategy on candidate delivery, including presenting a shortlist within four weeks of briefing from an initial 70-150 candidates.


Jake Parish and his Delivery Team ran this search for Blanco, achieving the following:

  • Identification of 157 candidates.
  • Over a 50% engagement rate.
  • A shortlist in under the four-week time frame.
  • Strong candidate search experience due to the detailed feedback Jake and his team were able to deliver each candidate.

Once the shortlist was presented, it was time for Bernadette and her team to run final interview rounds and make their placement decision. Jake supported this process by offering his candid expert advice on the matter, allowing them to secure their chosen candidate as their new CFO.

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