The Innovex Case Study: Head of Marketing Search for Amberscript – a SaaS Software for Accurate Transcripts

A SaaS specialist Executive Search Firm is the right choice for Tech Scale-ups looking to build a Leadership team to grow.

Innovex is a leading SaaS Executive Search Firm within the Netherlands region, undertaking multiple successful searches for CMO, Head of Marketing, Marketing Director and CCO roles.

Therefore, when Amberscript needed to build a Marketing team and wanted to hire a Head of Marketing, Innovex Global was the right fit.

Amberscript is a fast-growing company that makes audio more accessible worldwide every day. Their services allow you to create text and subtitles from audio or video, perfected by their language experts.

Jake, Innovex’s CEO and Founder, previously worked with Amberscript to successfully 16 C-Suite Leadership hires. These results, along with the data of his other C-Suite marketing hires, showed Peter-Paul, CEO and Co-Founder of Amberscript, that Jake and his team could deliver the search at both a speed and standard unachievable by other Executive Search Companies.

So, their partnership continued, and Jake began the search for Amberscipt’s new Head of Marketing.

Below, we have outlined the step-by-step approach that led to the successful search, including how Jake and his team delivered a Shortlist within four weeks of the initial briefing. A capability that is unachievable by other Executive Search Firms.


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Understand Amberscript’s Visions and Marketing Plan 


To make the right hire for an Organisation, you need a complete understanding of what “right” means. To do this, Jake learnt from Peter-Paul everything he needed to know about Amberscript, understanding his overall vision, their current marketing plan, and critical barriers preventing them from achieving revenue and marketing objectives.

Jake and his team could then work backwards to understand what Peter-Paul needed from a Head of Marketing.


Create a Candidate Brief


Jake created a Candidate brief based on experience, expertise and capabilities required to meet Amberscript’s expectations and exceed them.

Jake presented the following Candidate brief graphic to his research team. This was a core structure used for finding Candidates.


Identifying Candidates


Once the Candidate brief was established, the Research team began identifying Candidates. After one week, the team found 140 candidates that met up to 70% of the brief, ready for the Delivery team to interview.


Creating an Interview Framework


Before the interview process began, Jake created an interview framework to help the Delivery Team to understand more detail about the Candidate’s experience against the Candidate brief.

The framework ensured the team understood the following:

  • Areas of expertise.
  • Their current company and marketing department structure.
  • Size and scale of marketing teams and how they split their responsibilities of being hands-on and strategic.
  • commercial acumen.
  • Their management style.
  • Current reporting line.
  • How they support stakeholders through their marketing activity.
  • Where they are most effective.
  • Current compensation package.
Undertaking the Interview and Presenting the Shortlist.


After interviewing all the Candidates, the Delivery team selected those that exceeded 70% of the job description with the ability to implement the remaining 30% within the first 12 months of hire.

These Candidates became the Shortlist, which was presented to Peter-Paul and his Hiring team. The process was achieved under the 4-week commitment.


The Final Interview Round.


After the shortlist was presented, Jake and Peter-Paul wasted no time and stepped into the final stage of the interview. Those on the Candidate shortlist were tasked to prepare a case study based on a 30:60:90-day plan of how they would spend their quarter at Amberscript.

Jake spent 45 mins with each Candidate prepping them and ensuring they understood Amberscript’s business model and the assignment, so Peter-Paul knew each case study would be worth fitting into his busy schedule.


Candidate Placement.


After seeing Bjorn Van Antwerpen case study, it was clear he had a strong understanding of the growth Amberscript required. Furthermore, he showed his passion for Amberscript’s vision and business model. Just as importantly, he showed an ability to get Amberscript to exceed its goals.

As a result, Jake and Peter-Paul agreed this was the correct placement for Amberscript, and Bjorn became Amberscript’s new Head of Marketing.

When reflecting on the Head of Marketing Project, Peter-Paul stated:

“Innovex ways of working are high energy, thorough and fast. A great partner that is a joy to work with. Innovex has been crucial in our efforts to strengthen our Executive team. By listening well to our needs and solid experience in the field, we were able to find the perfect fit in an unrivalled time! We have certainly saved 4 months of search time for executive spots, Innovex works at unrivalled speeds.

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