What is a Talent Acquisition Specialist?

What is a Talent Acquisition Specialist, and how do they do to support the Board? It’s common for a Board to partner with a Talent Acquisition Specialist when reviewing its talent strategy. It is a term often thrown around the office but has many different meanings and is usually referred to in the sense of a Recruiter. However, there are many differences between a Talent Acquisition Specialist and a Recruiter.

In this blog, we take a deep dive into the role of a Talent Acquisition Specialist, how they can support organisations and the value of partnering with a Talent Acquisition Advisor.



What is a Talent Acquisition Specialist?


A Talent Acquisition Specialist is not like your average Recruiter. They indeed have the skills and abilities to undertake the hiring activities your organisation requires, but they add so much more value to your organisation. They are there to support you in understanding what is and isn’t working for your employees in your organisation.

Generally, they will have extensive knowledge of the industry in which the organisation their partner operates within. This gives you a broader perspective of which talent acquisition practices will add value to your organisation.

Most Talent Acquisition Specialists will work with an organisation for between two to three months, charging a monthly retainer. This process allows enough time to undertake the in-depth research required, so the report provided can positively influence the organisation’s talent acquisition decisions.


What’s is their specialists role?


So, we understand that a Talent Acquisition Specialist is someone with industry knowledge that supports organisation building or improving their talent strategy. But what do they do to provide this support?

Using real-time data internally and externally from your organisation, they analyse if the following are suitable for your organisation and its growth objectives:


Your Current Team


Undertaking primary research to understand the current strengths and weaknesses of your existing team can allow a Talent Advisory Specialist to understand the following:

– Future hires that are needed to the teams’ strengths and weaknesses.

– Alterations of KPIs, bonuses and pay structure.

E-Learning and other tech platforms that could increase output.




By reviewing companies current onboarding process, a specialist can understand:

– If Employees understand their targets and feel confident in how to achieve these.

– If the appraisal structure allows employees to move forward through any feedback.

– Whether the current process is retaining talent.


Hiring Process


Analysing the current interview framework for your hiring process will ensure that there are:

– Feedback opportunities for both Organisation and Candidate.

– Efficient structure to keep Candidates engaged in the process.

– The correct number of rounds to decide with confidence, without the risk of losing leading Candidates.


Compensation Packages


Through using internal information and real-time data on your organisation’s geographical and operating market, a Talent Acquisition Specialist will consider if the salary packages you are offering are strong enough to:

– Attract the right talent for your current hires.

– Retain and motivate your key employees.

– Not overpay for leading talent.


What are the Advantages of Partnering With a Talent Acquisition Advisor?


We have outlined how a Talent Acquisition Specialist supports an organisation and how this adds value. Below are the critical reasons organisations partner with Talent Acquisition Specialists…


Save Your Organisation Costs.


Partnering with a Talent Acquisition Advisor or Specialist allows you to save costs and makes your budget go further.

Through analysing your salaries, onboarding and retaining budgets, there is zero risk of your talent budget getting wasted on processes that aren’t moving your organisation forward.


Increase Hiring Speed


Through having high levels of knowledge regarding the external activities within the market.

Therefore, they can create an interview structure and compensation that maximises the efficiency of your hires, giving you complete confidence that your hiring decisions are attracting the correct levels of talent to your organisation.


Boost Employee satisfaction


By reviewing the onboarding process, motivation, and retainment strategy, a Talent Acquisition Specialist can advise on the correct systems, operations, and management approaches to maximise employee satisfaction.


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