What is Executive Search?

To understand the answer to the question,  what is executive search? Picture this, You have just secured your next investment round, the money is in your account, and you have your Board chasing you on when your first hire for your leadership team will be.

Feel the pressure building up?

Don’t worry. Innovex is here to guide you through this sometimes-challenging process. Save time, money, and stress by providing flexible hiring services to secure and retain effective and sustainable leadership talent.

We have built this guide to help you understand what Executive Search is, the support Search Consultants can offer your business, and how the process works. Along with valuable insight into the Innovex way of achieving a successful leadership search. So, let’s get into it…


What is Executive Search




A more common term you may have come across is Headhunting, and depending on which Firm you approach, the concept of “what they do” will vary.

But most concisely, Executive Search is the hiring service, specifically for C-Suite and leadership roles.

There are two approaches to your organisation’s Executive Search. The first approach is to handle this internally; the second way is to partner with an Executive Search Consultant.

Exceptional leadership is key to the success of any business. So, when you need to conduct CEO, Leadership, and Board of Director hires, make sure that you have taken the right approach that will guarantee the right Candidate for not only now but the future of your business with a stress-free process.

At Innovex, we are Executive Search Consultants who help you save time and money by handling your Executive hires throughout your organisation. Find out more about our Consultants here



An Executive Search Consultant is an experienced person who manages the hiring process for you from start to finish, specifically for C-Suite and Executive Level roles.

Our team is built of experienced and specialised Consultants guiding you through each step in the process. Values to look for in a Consultant, which we pride ourselves on, are:

· Impactful.

· Results-driven.

· Confidential.

· Consistent.




Executive Search Firms work with you to set a brief for a specific C-Suite or leadership role and then go out to the industry to find this Candidate by shortlisting and interviewing for you.

To save you time, the Firm interviews all Candidates identified for you against the strict pre-agreed criteria and then put forward Candidates for the Client to select for an initial interview process conducted by the firm. The Client then performs the final round of interviews with progressed and vetted Candidates. The Executive Search Firm then finalises the process by managing the negotiation for the compensation package for the chosen Candidate. They are there to take all the stressful, painful, and time-consuming aspects of hiring away for you.

Innovex considers their professional skill set, experience, and working methods and ensures an excellent cultural fit. Our Consultants will provide an up-to-date view of a market area and identify Candidates from relevant target sites.

Learn more about other benefits of partnering with an Executive Search Firm here.


The Innovex Way


We have helped organisations build leadership teams worldwide through Executive Search and Talent Acquisition Advisory.

We specialise in supporting the leadership team growth of the following three organisation types:

· PE & VC Backed: We deliver the candidate who will compliment a founding CEO and Board members. Therefore, relieving any stress, you may have high-pressure shareholders.

· Start-ups & Scale-ups: We work with companies from Seed through funding rounds to pre-IPO. We love the challenge of working with start-ups whose functions may not yet be in place. So, we work with you to change this.

· Public Companies: We find the people who can give a more established business a competitive edge, either driving transformation and digitalisation of the product/service or breaking into new markets.


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