What is Headhunting? 

Are you looking to grow your Leadership Team? Then you’ll need external Executive Search support.  

When an Executive hire occurs, Organisations go to their regular Contingent Recruiter for assistance. However, partnering with a headhunting Executive Search Consultant is the path to a successful Leadership hire.  

In this blog, we answer the question; What is headhunting? What is recruiting? What are the roles of Headhunters and Contingent Recruiters? Furthermore, how our Executive Search Consultants add more value than your regular Headhunter. 



What is Headhunting? 


Headhunting is an activity undertaken by a professional Executive Search Consultant or Headhunter to proactively seek out the leading talent within a particular industry for C-Suite roles. 


What is Recruiting? 


Whilst recruiting is also a term for finding talent. It is not the same as headhunting.  

Recruiting is the overall process of finding talent in-house or via an external Recruiter resource.  

Recruiters are typically used to fill Operational and Entry-Level roles in an Organisation. This approach this generally reactive and is driven by the Organisation itself. 


What is a Headhunter? 


A Headhunter is a professional with expertise and specialist knowledge in a particular industry. Their role is to use these and other resource capabilities to find C-Suite talent for an Organisation. 

As established, a Headhunter takes a proactive approach to delivering C-Suite roles.  

A Headhunter generally will not advertise the positions they are sourcing. Instead, they a research resource to identify those working within the industry who have similar capabilities to their given Candidate brief and will directly approach them to identify the interest in their role.  

The Headhunter and their Firm are exclusively responsible for delivering the roles. They will not have any competition from other Headhunters. 


What is a Contingent Recruiter? 


A Contingent Recruiter is a professional that an Organisation hires externally to undertake new or replacement searches within their Organisation that are below the C-Suite level. 

In addition, a Contingent Recruiter can advertise roles via LinkedIn and other third-party platforms. Recruiters have a reactive strategy to their searches, meaning they only progress with your search on an Ad/hoc basis, usually when Candidates apply for the role. 

Find out more about the Contingent Recruiter approach HERE.  


What Does an Innovex Executive Search Consultant do? 


Our team exceeds the traditional headhunting approach. We do all the work, so you don’t have too.  

With specialist knowledge and a large network within the Technology, SaaS, Fintech and Cybersecurity space, our headhunting and research team seek out around 150 Candidates for each search that exceed at least 70% of your Candidate Brief. More than your average headhunting amount. 

Our team add value to your search through our time-efficient process, committing to a Shortlist of Candidates within four weeks of the initial briefing. 

Each Consultant is confident in their process, and we work with you to ensure we are approaching the right talent. If the Candidate doesn’t work out, we replace the search up to 6 months later for free. 

We keep you involved in the search whilst doing the heavy lifting for you.

We partnered with Loxo to give you 24/7 access to our progress. As well as weekly updates so all parties can receive the feedback required.  

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