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Data is used in many aspects of our lives, yet many businesses don’t realise how useful it can be for the recruitment process. Innovex can provide Business Intelligence to help you make strategic hiring decisions, or help you decide whether to go ahead with a full search.

Business intelligence is essential for those who are unsure whether they need a retained search – or unsure of what it is they ultimately need in a candidate. They may be looking to add a new C-Suite member to the team. They may be moving into a new market and need someone with the right experience, but want to know more about that market before committing.

Innovex Executive Search can provide business intelligence within your industry, with tailored reports that are relevant to your organisation. The process takes between four and six weeks. Once we’ve produced our findings and offered candid advice, you can decide on your next step with confidence.

What Is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence includes a wide range of information on the current market. We can identify potential candidates and help shape what you’re looking for. We’ll show whether they’d be making a lateral move or taking a step up into the position, with up to the minute information on their salary, equity, bonuses, and a definition of their role. Seeing what the competition and others in your industry offer can be an excellent way of defining your own executive roles, and ensuring you’re attracting the best talent.

Why Choose Innovex?


As you can see from our case studies, the team at Innovex have a great deal of experience producing high-quality business intelligence on schedule – and putting it to good use.


While we aim to deliver intelligence in four to six weeks, we pay close attention to detail to ensure you get relevant and accurate information for your hiring decisions. We are meticulous in our approach, ensuring that no matter how narrow or broad the search criteria are, you’ll always get the full picture.


At Innovex, we partner with startups, scale-ups, and long-established businesses to help them build the right team. Our Executive Search Platform combines cutting-edge Loxo AI software with our own data, and information gleaned from our ever-expanding network. The Innovex team add the all-important human element, ensuring that our business intelligence is as detailed and relevant as it can be for your business.

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