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Good leadership is key to the success of any business or organisation, so when you need to conduct CEO, Leadership and Board of Director searches, Innovex Executive Search helps you find the right candidate for not only now, but the future of your business.

Our Executive Search methods go beyond the 'usual suspects'. It involves providing you with an up to date view of an area of a market, identifying candidates from relevant target sites. We take into consideration not only their professional skill set, experience and ways of working, but also ensure a good cultural fit.

Innovex is a boutique executive search firm that specialises in industries including Fintech, SaaS, Digital Banking, Technology and Cybersecurity. We use up to date technology and work quickly to suit your business needs. We partner with your firm to help shape the search, then execute rigorously to get the results you need in a matter of weeks. We use a range of innovative techniques to source executives for your role, whether it’s an existing vacancy, or you’re looking to grow your business and diversify, opening up a new executive position.

What Is Executive Search To Innovex?

Innovex recruitment services include retained search, as well as other talent acquisition services for businesses. Here’s just some of what we do:

Innovex map out an area of the market or industry, identifying candidates who have either ‘been there and done it before’ or can step up into the role. In general, our research lists range between 80-150 candidates, and we achieve engagement rates of between 70-90%. We interview a longlist of 25-30 candidates against an agreed framework which gives an overview of their skill set and personality, before presenting a shortlist of 4-6 candidates to our client. Our meticulous approach ensures that every candidate we present isn’t just qualified on paper, but deeply compatible and ready to dive into the role.

Why Choose Innovex?

At Innovex, we’re at the cutting edge of Executive Search. A thorough and rigorous strategy, coupled with our agile delivery and complete transparency, ensures that over 60% of our work is repeat business from long-standing relationships.

On our Insights page, you can see some examples of our work and learn more about our process, from initial brief to successful completion.

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