Talent Acquisition Advisory

Our Talent Acquisition Advisory service allows you to build or expand your own internal talent team, making sure you find and recruit the best people, both now and in the future.

Smaller businesses will often outsource their recruitment, and this has many advantages. After all, Innovex Executive Search was built around finding the right people for executive and leadership team positions. But as your business grows, so do your recruitment needs, which often means you need to take a good look at your talent acquisition functions.

Outsourcing recruitment is beneficial, but it’s not for everyone. We get that. If you already have an internal acquisition team, building upon their existing capabilities can help you to develop strong hiring foundations. This can pave the way for future growth. At Innovex, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your talent acquisition process, and work with you to make positive, long-lasting changes.

These changes may include introducing new technologies to automate the more predictable elements, leaving your team with more time to focus on the human side of hiring. Ultimately, our aim is to make your own team commercially focused, rather than just organisationally focused, enabling them to execute efficiently at all levels.

What Is Talent Acquisition Advisory?

A Talent Acquisition Advisory is a full review of the people, processes, and procedures in place in your talent team. We look at all aspects of the team’s work, from the systems and technology used, to the potential within your talent team. For a business that’s scaling up, this may mean looking for someone who could be upskilled to take on a role as Head of Talent Acquisition, or bringing in someone externally to fill a skill gap. It could potentially mean changing the way your team works, so they can complete recruitment cycles much more efficiently.

Why Choose Innovex?

Innovex have worked with many businesses who have needed to improve the performance of their Talent Acquisition teams. As you can see from our case studies, we specialise in working within industries such as Financial Services, Cybersecurity, High Tech, and Fintech. We understand the unique needs of talent acquisition for these organisations. Innovex can improve the speed, quality and volume of acquisitions, with specific, detailed advice tailored to your firm.We also have an expansive network, allowing us to recommend RPO and Technology providers should the business be going through a particularly high volume of recruitment and need additional help in their Talent Acquisition function.

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