How Innovex Collaborate With Businesses to Help Their Hiring Team Make an Impact.

Are you currently hiring an Executive?   

As a Founder and CEO of an Executive Search Firm, I have seen many organisations with HR/Hiring teams keep the Executive Search process internal.   

Which is understandable.   

I have worked with companies to grow their Talent Acquisition department internally, building a team who focuses solely on C-Suite hires. While also assisting Hiring Managers that prefer to seek external support with a leadership role.

My role as Founder of Innovex is to offer Talent Acquisition Advice to CEOs/Founders and HR leaders who want the same outcome but are not sure which is the best path to take.   

Often, they ask: ‘What would you recommend?’ 

The answer – depends on your business, structure, and overall capabilities.   

That is why Innovex works closely with all involved to gain a real insight into how their organisation operates. Working closely with organisations and their HR departments gives my team and me a buzz. In my experience, it is the best way I can support their decision-making process on the hiring strategy that will allow their department to excel.       

I want to highlight how we support organisations that decide to handle their leadership process externally with us and how we collaborate with them to achieve the outcome all involved want – the strongest leadership team possible to skyrocket their company. So, let’s get into it…  



Quick and Effective Delivery Team   


Hiring the right leader is essential for making an impact.          

When working with Executive Search Firms, Hiring Managers need a team they can count upon to deliver results. Therefore, it is not good enough for your consultant not to give you a time commitment on your search completion and to send over candidates on an ad-hoc basis. 

That’s why my delivery team collaborates one-on-one with everyone involved in the interview process – especially HR Managers, ensuring they understand the progress of their search.    

Furthermore, by collaborating with organisations’ key hiring players, our delivery team can have an efficient and effective search by constantly understanding the capabilities/skills that have been missing or are adding value to the current candidate pool. 

This approach means you are guaranteed a shortlist within four weeks of your initial briefing with me.        

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A Candid Way is the Innovex way.   


I am candid with all my clients. No matter who they are, this is because my experience has shown it helps businesses have a more productive search.     

I am upfront about this because when hiring an Executive Search Firm, receiving feedback you may not want to hear – isn’t always what you signed up to. But I always prioritise my time helping my clients in ways that are best for their company growth.    

That’s why the Innovex way isn’t just to give you a vast database of candidates. Although, yes, I will provide only the well-balanced shortlist of the candidates you require. 

It’s for us to become partners and work together to implement or improve your organisation’s process so they exceed the hiring and onboarding success levels.      

If you are not looking for honest and candid advice on how to improve your process, candidate experience and time to hire leadership-level candidates, Innovex may not be the right Executive Search Firm for you.  


Honest Approach to Your Expectations.   


A lot of Executive Search Firms out there tend to reactively undertake your search, telling you what they think you need and providing a shortlist to reflect this. If after shortlisting, the candidates aren’t what you want or need, you will be charged an additional fee for a further shortlist.    

This approach causes businesses to waste time and money, as they could be waiting several weeks only to receive a shortlist of incorrect candidates, for only then to understand the need to adjust their hiring strategy without support or knowledge to refine this correctly.   

As part of a collaborative partnership, we provide an honest approach to what to expect from the brief you have provided. For example, the compensation package, candidate brief, interview process, approach to the feedback you require, and the influence this will have on your shortlist.    

As an experienced Talent Acquisition Advisor, I will also be transparent about how to adapt your brief to help optimise your shortlist in a way that’s right for your business.      


We Hold Ourselves Accountable.    


With Innovex, you can always rely on us to be accountable for your Executive Level Search.    

With each client partnership, I clarify expectations and deliverables for all parties involved, agreeing on mutual accountability throughout the process. 

Below I have outlined a few examples of the factors I will hold myself accountable for:      

1.) Reporting on our team’s progress.        

To assure you your search is taken care of, I will hold a personal weekly call with you to update you on the progress of your search. Alongside this, you will have 24/7 access to our client portal for ad hoc check-ins.  

2.) A six-month guarantee.  

I am always confident with the candidates I introduce to my clients. We averagely spend two hours with each candidate between briefing, interviewing and preparing before shortlisting them.  

I will only shortlist them if I believe they reflect at least +70% of the agreed criteria while having the capabilities to grow the remaining 30% skills/experience in the first 12 months of the role. 

However, if things don’t work out once placed, my team and I will replace the search for free for up to 6 months post-placement.      

3.) Open communication.      

Post briefing, I will write a detailed report regarding the overall objectives of your search, along with a strategy and step-by-step activities that my team will undertake to make this a success.   


With Innovex, No Stones are Left Unturned.   


When building Innovex, having a results-driven team was one of the most important things to me. My team makes sure they identify every possible target site and candidate in a given geographic area. This ensures not only that we can find relevant candidates but also that they are the best talent possible for the search.    

I ensure they have enough time and resources to attain this by managing the number of searches we take on over a certain period. Overall, my researchers will undertake up to 15 candidate calls a day for a client and will continue to speak to all talent in their operating industry and geographical location until a shortlist is provided of a candidate pool either meeting or exceeding your expectations. 

We undertake this process in the best way for you, your time, and your organisation to help you find the right fit. In addition, we learn your business, its functions, and operations to act as an additional arm of the company to support the drive for your hiring growth.    

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