Introducing Jake Parish: Founder of Innovex

Headshot of Jake Parish

Jake Parish | Innovex Founder


With a robust background in financial services and technology, Jake has carved a niche for Innovex as a tech-first retained search firm that prioritizes client relationships and innovative solutions. Let’s delve into his professional journey and the unique ethos behind Innovex.


A Decade of Industry Experience


Jake embarked on his career in the bustling financial hubs of London and New York, gaining invaluable experience across various sectors, including fintech, technology, and financial services. Before founding Innovex in September 2020, he held significant roles at prestigious firms like Carmichael Fisher, Paritas Recruitment, and Hamlyn Williams. During these formative years, Jake developed a keen understanding of the intricacies of executive search and the critical importance of technology in modernizing and scaling businesses.


The Genesis of Innovex


Driven by a decade of insights and a visionary outlook, Jake launched Innovex to revolutionize the executive search sector. His approach was clear: a tech-first strategy that enhances every facet of client engagement, from transparency in processes to agility in execution. Innovex was founded on the principles of consistency, thoroughness, agility, and candour, qualities that quickly resonated with clients across Europe, the US, and the UAE.


Innovex’s Impact and Philosophy


In a short time, Innovex has demonstrated remarkable growth, with a 97.2%+ client return rate and 98.8% success rate —a testament to the firm’s success in forging lasting relationships and delivering value. Innovex specializes in aiding Private Equity and Venture Capital backed scale-ups, Pre-IPO, and listed businesses that are at a pivotal stage of transformation. The firm’s ability to drive change and foster a competitive edge in markets worldwide sets it apart in the executive search landscape.


Global Reach and Future Aspirations


Jake’s leadership has steered Innovex beyond traditional boundaries, enabling it to operate and excel on a global scale. The firm is committed to helping businesses modernize, digitize, and scale up effectively. For companies looking to navigate new markets or undergo significant transformations, Innovex offers a blend of strategic advisory and cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to meet diverse needs.


Invitation to Collaborate


Jake and the Innovex team are always looking to connect with businesses and leaders aiming to reshape their industries. Whether it’s scaling operations, entering new markets, or initiating significant organizational changes, Innovex is poised to add substantial value, allowing leaders to focus on their core responsibilities while Innovex handles the strategic intricacies of executive search and advisory.




Jake stands at the forefront of executive search, redefining industry standards through innovative practices and a client-centric approach. His journey from a seasoned consultant in global financial centres to the founder of a forward-thinking firm like Innovex serves as an inspiration for many in the business and technology sectors. As Innovex continues to grow and lead, Jake remains a key figure to watch for those interested in the future of leadership and organizational excellence.

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