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Innovex is a Global Executive Search Firm specialising in placing C-Suite, VP, and Board-Level leadership talent for Technology firms.

Recently, many Tech Founders of start-ups, scale-ups and PE & VC backed organisations have chosen to outsource their Executive hiring due to the post-pandemic challenges this market has developed.

With a 97% success rate for placing leadership talent in the Technology industry, Innovex has the resources and capabilities to help firms overcome these challenges. As a result, Technology organisations worldwide now have a leadership team tailored to drive growth.

Therefore, if you’re currently struggling to hire a CEO, CTO or Executive, save your organisation time and money by partnering with an Executive Search Firm you can count on.

In this blog, we outline how Innovex supports Technology firms looking to develop a crucial leadership team ready to drive their business growth.

Innovex Technology Executive Search in the Technology Specialist


Established Network of VP, C-Suite, and Heads of Talent in the Tech Industry


One of the main challenges Tech organisations are experiencing during their leadership search is having the time and resources to find high-quality candidates within the specific Tech sector experience the organisation requires.

Through specialising within the Tech-sector, our network consists of thousands of CTOs, CFOs and industry-leading leaders.

Therefore, by partnering with us, you can immediately extend your search to a network of candidates specific to geographic location and technology industry segment, allowing instant progress on your search.

To give you an understanding of your search progress, we give you 24/7 access to our platform Loxo – an online recruitment system. So, you can keep up to date on the candidates we engage with, our networking activities, and the progress of your search.


Technology Executive Search Firms have Leading headhunting abilities


Since the pandemic, HR Managers, CPOs and Head of People positions are not just critical for hiring and retaining leading talent but also for ensuring companies are correctly adjusting to the new post-pandemic way of working.

The pandemic has significantly impacted organisations’ growth, restructuring, and flexible working abilities in the tech industry. As a result, increased pressure on HR teams limits their ability to spend time on Executive hires, impacting the quality of their candidate pool.

By making your Executive Search external with Innovex, you can give your hire the attention it needs without adding any more pressure on your HR teams.

Our Executive Recruiters will undertake up to 15 calls a day, headhunting specific industry candidates, ready for our delivery team to interview the leading candidates for your shortlist.

Innovex goes above and beyond to ensure those handling your search are at ease by providing weekly progress calls to keep them up to date with their search.


We have the right strategy in place.


At Innovex, we know the complexity of the Tech industry. There is no one size fits all. Consumer apps, AI, ML, Blockchain and other parts of the industries require different areas of expertise from their leadership team, regardless of their role.

In some of these recently developed industries, the talent is limited and hard to come by. Therefore, it’s essential that your search strategy doesn’t miss the mark and targets suitable candidates.

We use real-time data to reflect your specific operating and geographical market within the Tech industry to advise you on developing a compensation package, candidate brief, interview process, and onboarding plan to attract the right talent.


The complete Technology Executive Search Firm process.


We handle the load, so you don’t have to. Innovex is not like your usual Executive Search Firm or Recruiter in the Technology Executive Search industry.

Most contingent recruiters will send through an application as it comes through individually, only for your organisation to identify if they are the right fit.

Innovex headhunting team will identify leading candidates for you and will spend over an hour interviewing them to determine if they have the right skills and capabilities that fit your role and the organisation’s culture.




Innovex is a Global Executive Search Firm that specialises in the Tech industry.

We have helped organisations in the AI, consumer app, ML, blockchain, and more industries find key leadership talent to help drive their forever-changing growth.

Our network of VP, C-Suite, and Heads of Talent with specific Technology experience means we can take on headhunting for a leadership team that exceeds your search requirements. Along with working one-on-one with your organisation to ensure you have the right strategy to attain your chosen candidate successfully.

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