Jörg van de Bergh - HR Director DACH for Experian
Jörg van de Bergh | HR Director – DACH



Experian stands as the premier global information services company, specializing in data analytics and consumer credit reporting. With over 100 million customers, it is recognized as the most reliable credit score provider worldwide.


In an effort to extend its footprint in the DACH region, Experian acquired a 60% stake in Arvato Financial Solutions Risk Management Division (AFS RM) in May 2020, followed by the remaining 40% in December 2022. The acquisition positioned Experian to pursue market dominance in the region.



To drive growth and oversee the integration within the Experian group, the company decided to appoint a new CEO for the DACH region. Experian engaged Innovex to conduct the search, resulting in the successful placement of Jochen Werne as CEO.

Once Jochen commenced his role, Innovex was tasked with finding a new HR Director for the DACH region to support their new CEO. The appointed HR Director would be crucial in implementing a strategic and operational HR framework tailored to align the workforce with Experian’s business strategies and cultural values, thereby facilitating the company’s objectives efficiently across the DACH region.


Innovex, known for its impressive client return rate of over 97.2% and a success rate of 98.8%, was trusted by Experian to manage the search for their new HR Director – DACH. Jake Parish, CEO and founder of Innovex, personally ensured alignment with all stakeholders on the role’s expectations.

The task was entrusted to Collette Morey, Innovex’s Director, who was responsible for finding candidates who possessed strong leadership skills, the ability to drive cultural transformation, attract top-tier talent, and unite the team under a new vision for the DACH region. Collette identified 272 candidates, achieving a 65% engagement rate, showcasing her effective reach and selective approach.

She personally introduced herself to each engaged candidate, assessing their alignment with the job specifications. This process led to a longlist of candidates, which was further refined to a shortlist through detailed interviews lasting 45 minutes to an hour each. During these interviews, Collette dedicated significant time to discuss the opportunities at Experian, thereby maximizing candidate engagement.

Within just four weeks, Collette presented a shortlist of six highly qualified candidates. Experian, impressed by the quality of the candidates, opted to meet four of them. Recognizing the critical nature of the HR Director – DACH role for its strategic growth, Collette expanded the candidate pool by presenting an additional 13 candidates over two more rounds of shortlisting to ensure an optimal fit.

Throughout this process, Collette maintained transparency and provided continuous feedback, which kept the candidates well-informed and engaged until the final decisions were made. Ultimately, Jörg van de Bergh was chosen as the HR Director – DACH for Experian. His appointment marks a significant step in strengthening Experian’s leadership team in the region, and we look forward to his contributions and leadership.

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