As a Director at Innovex, Collette brings exceptional skills and a proven track record of achievements to our team. Collette is recognised for her strategic leadership and operational efficiency. Her expertise spans executive search, business intelligence, compensation benchmarking, and talent acquisition advisory. She excels in business development, marketing, and implementing innovative processes that streamline operations and drive growth.


Since joining Innovex in October 2022, Collette has successfully placed high-profile executives, including the HR Director DACH for Experian, CEO DACH for Experian, and Head of DMS for Keyloop. Her ability to deliver on key executive search projects has significantly contributed to the firm’s success.

Prior to Innovex, Collette founded her own global recruitment agency, and a creative agency. She has also held significant roles at Quest Staffing Solutions and Unilever, where she developed and implemented effective talent acquisition and HR strategies.

Collette’s success at Innovex is marked by her forward-thinking approach and dedication to connecting talented individuals with empowering employers. Her strategic input and innovative mindset have been instrumental in driving the firm’s growth and maintaining its reputation for excellence.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Collette is enthusiastic about lifelong learning and personal development. She is committed to mentoring and inspiring others, fostering the culture of continuous improvement and success that Innovex adopts.

We are proud to have Collette as part of the Innovex team. Her skills, achievements, and innovative work ethic continue to drive our success. Stay tuned for more stories from our talented team members in our “Meet the Team” series!

For more about Collette Morey and her professional journey, you can visit her LinkedIn profile.

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